Coraz Zdrowiej

Coraz Zdrowiej is a MedTech start-up. We created a multifunctional, fully-designed web application for them.

  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • PHP (headless woo-commerce)
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Integration with government software
  • Web application
Project Duration
  • 11 months


The founders of Coraz Zdrowiej had a dream: to create a multifunctional medical platform that could provide a wide range of services to a very specific niche. To make their dream a reality, they reached out to us with a project brief that featured a list of required features for the MVP. Our team got to work, considering all the possibilities and solutions that could make this complex platform a success. The features included a VOD platform, a schedule of appointments, medical records compatible with the government medical system, a creator of recommended exercises for patients, an affiliate system, a search engine and a notification system. After careful deliberation and research, we proposed a solution that would bring their dream to life: headless WooCommerce for e-commerce, React.js for frontend development and Node.js as an additional layer of the backend to support all of the custom features and functionalities. With this combination, we were confident that we could make their vision a reality. 

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of this project was creating a product with a number of features, all within a very tight deadline. Adding to the pressure, our client kept changing the scope of the project by adding new solutions and features. We worked hard to make sure that even with these changes, we maintained our high standards and delivered the project in an impressive amount of time.

The Outcome

The result was a success. We fully designed and developed a complex web application. We provided all of the features and functionalities. Coraz Zdrowiej now has a sleek, modern and intuitive platform that is designed to be scalable and easily adapts to the changing needs of the company and the growing demands of its user base. The founders of the startup have achieved their goal of creating a multifunctional medical platform that simplifies the physiotherapist and their patients' experience. As well as we achieved our goal to meet expectations and finish the product on time. We are proud of the hard work we put in, and the successful outcome of this project.

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