A network of interconnected religious portals that harmonize with each other and share content. Everything is built on reusable widgets from which the client can build pages on his own without using any code. Elementor based widget system.

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • JS
  • Elementor (custom widgets)
  • Front-end
  • WordPress
  • Web portal
Project Duration
  • 6 months


Franciszkanie had a clear mission: to develop an engine for a network of web religious portals. As their tech partner, we were handed a project brief that outlined a series of specific requirements. We had to make sure the engine was user-friendly, easy to maintain, and could be edited without any help from the programmer. Also, we had to build custom widgets according to the customer's design specifications. We understood the importance of this project, and we were determined to create a product that would exceed the customer's expectations. With our experience and expertise, we knew we could deliver the best solution to this unique situation. We were ready to help Franciszkanie realize their vision, and we got to work right away.

The Challenge

The team was faced with an incredible challenge: to develop custom widgets with live refresh and responsiveness, regardless of the user's content or design. After countless hours of brainstorming, testing, and refining, the team was finally able to create the custom widgets they had envisioned. All of them were built on the well-knowing tool Elementor. Now, regardless of what a user builds and the content they upload, the widgets will always feature live refresh and responsiveness. This was a huge victory for the team and a true testament to their hard work and determination.

The Outcome

We successfully developed a network of websites for our client, giving them the power to easily manage their entire network from one main portal. Our intuitive widget system enabled them to quickly access, modify and create content. While our plugin allowed them to share their blogs and posts seamlessly between each website. It was a rewarding experience to see our client benefit from our work and be able to manage their online presence with greater ease.

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