For the TTMM company we made an application that supports FITBIT clock face smartwatch synchronization

  • Flutter
  • Fitbit SDK
  • Android
  • Fitbit watch software
  • Android app
  • Wearables
  • Android
Project Duration
  • 24 months


The TTMM company asked us to develop an application that would take clock faces and font faces to a whole new level. Working closely with TTMM's team, our team, headed by designer Albert Salamon, put together an incredible solution. With Albert's creative vision, we crafted over 30 unique font faces and a powerful application to manage all of the clock faces. Albert's attention to detail and creative eye ensured that the final product was a stunning success. Now, TTMM's customers are able to customize their clock faces and font faces with ease, giving them the perfect solution for their needs.

The Challenge

Working on the project was certainly a challenge, as Albert's Salamon designs were beautiful but complicated. The development team had to be attentive to every detail. However, despite the difficulty of the task, everyone was determined to see it through. After months of diligent effort, we were able to present TTMM company and Albert with the perfect clock faces that satisfied all of his expectations.

The Outcome

After two long years of hard work, we finally completed our greatest accomplishment yet: a revolutionary application that supports Fitbit and more than 30 font faces. While the project was no easy feat, we managed to persevere and deliver the project on time and within the expectations set by our client. We couldn't be more proud of the progress we made and the success of the project!

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